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Global MuOnline Updates 20.January

New updates for Global mu online server!

Updated PVP balances and PVP attack settings for some classes.

Dark Wizard: Increased attack rate 10%
Magic gladiator: Increased Defense 15%
ELF: Increased PVP damage and defense, increased PVP defense and attack rate
Grow lancer: Increased PVP damage rate
Dark Lord: DL vs DL increased attack rate, DL vs DK increased attack rate
RF: Increased defense
GL: Increased defense and attack

Global Mu Online PVP settings are made based on maximum stats and top gear with conqueror wings!
PVP settings are still adjusted. Each class has its own advantages and disadvantages,
each class has its own settings for defense and damage, dont expect all classes to do the same
damage, speed and defenses! Some classes are just build for good farming, some for PVP.

Player Vs Environment (PVE)
ELF, MG, Gl received addition PVE buff

Updated Global mu online cash shop, new seed spheres in X-shop! (run Play to get last update)
Fixed cherry blossom gold reward
Fixed Archangel and Blessed Archangel weapons mix issue
Fixed Maze of Dimension issue
Fixed Elemental Damage issue
Fixed EvoMon drops invalid items
Fixed socket bonus options on selection of items
Fixed Ice Arrow skill issue in certain cases
Fixed Nix and Ferea Battles issue when hitting monsters by range skills

Posted 13 / 04 / 2018 By admin

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