NORESET      online (148)

Siege Owner: ONELOVE

X500      online (140)

Siege Owner: HellFire

X9999      online (330)

Siege Owner: PAIN

X50      online (282)

Siege Owner: TeamPHIL

Global Mu Updates V4

New updates has been applied to server read below! To play run launcher or download update manually here!
Fixed character creation issue when using non-English language
Blocked ability to form party during Labyrinth of Dimension event!
Fixed item value improper calculation for items with option higher than 16
Fixed MuHelper burning potions while HP/Mana is full
Reconfigured  Wizard Meteor Strike and Gladiator Meteor Strike
Updated wind soul skill
Castle siege damage reduce set to 40%
Land of trials increased set item and jog drop rate
Fixed selection of mastery options not working properly
Fixed damage of some 4th skill tree skill
Fixed not working certain pentagram options
Fixed dot damage for selected skills
Added Elemental Rune in potion girl shop
Fixed missing points on skill tree, to fix it you must reset skill tree again
To reset 3rd class skill tree use scroll of gray oblivion
To reset 4th class skill tree (will reset 3rd class skill tree as well) use scroll of oblivion!

Posted 19 / 04 / 2018 By admin

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